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Milgro enables you to use your resources sustainably – and based on the correct data. We provide the control room required to make a successful transition towards the circular economy. 

Companies are managed on the basis of data. After all: to measure is to know. And society as a whole is also becoming increasingly data-driven. But when it comes to visualising and improving waste and resource performance, many companies still have to work without concrete, complete and up-to-date information. Milgro can satisfy this requirement. Through our highly advanced IT platform, digital processes, specialised knowledge and business intelligence, we can help our clients to:  

  • gain complete control of their waste streams and realise optimal waste performance;
  • identify wasteful processes and improve them via targeted measures;
  • close the loop and create the right conditions for chain innovation.
Measurable results are a benchmark of our success. We would be happy to share a number of inspiring business cases with you on request.