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About Milgro

Milgro enables companies to make the transition from consuming raw materials to using them. Our unique approach to waste and raw materials management is in line with the principles of circular economy and leads to measurable results for People, Planet & Profit! Profitable sustainability or sustainable profitability? To us, they are synonymous. Milgro. More return on resources.


Milgro developed from the dream of bringing the use of the earth’s raw materials into balance and making a contribution to sustainable prosperity.

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Mission and Vision

Milgro strives for a world in which the growth of prosperity can be achieved without compromising the prospects of future generations.

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Social responsibility

Sustainability is an essential part of our DNA. We make this a reality by offering services that lead to more prudent use of raw materials.

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Milgro is a fast growing company which forms part of the 'Cleantech' sector. Our service is based on a process-oriented, data-driven approach.

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Milgro is an independent Dutch company with international ambitions. Based in the Netherlands, we operate in a growing number of EU countries.

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We see flexibility as a key precondition for innovation. Therefore, Milgro works on the improvement of the performance for our clients.

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