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Monitoring and reducing wastage

Reducing wastage is the core of Milgro’s unique approach. This forms the link between waste management and raw materials management. Understanding the 'what and why' of waste in an organisation is the foundation to reducing wastage in business and chain processes. 'Grip on Waste' lays the foundation for this. 

The Wastelab of Milgro can also play a role here. In this extraordinary laboratory for waste and raw materials, the anatomy of the waste bag is literally visualised. The gained insights are used to develop options for improvement in order to then come to 'Grip on Waste'. These result in the optimisation of the business and supply processes which reduces the wastage of purchased raw materials. In other cases, a more sustainable deployment of raw materials can be achieved by choosing alternative materials, or even by adjusting the product design.

In practice, the identified possibilities to reduce wastage often result in considerable savings. Both from a financial perspective and from the perspective of sustainable use of materials.