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Independent waste management

The first requirement to eventually come to a more sustainable use of resources is control over waste flows. Factual insight is essential to taking appropriate improvement measures. 

With the service concept 'Grip on Waste' Milgro takes over the responsibility for the entire waste process from its clients. To this end, we have developed a state-of-art software platform, which allows us to perform all the underlying processes quickly and efficiently, from ordering to invoicing and reporting. The digital processes are supported with full service & support. Milgro is the one-stop-shop in this area and offers its client 24x7 ‘relief of duties'. Our specialists use the data generated to steer towards better waste performance, which can be consulted by the client at any time on the online customer portal.  

on Waste provides the client with full control and direction over its waste. This includes:

  • unambiguous validatable processes,

  • conclusive waste reports (from a financial and sustainability perspective),
  • continuous improvement based on defined ‘Waste Performance Indicators’,
  • oclear benchmarking of performance,
  • clear benchmarking of performance.

Grip on Waste is more than a next-level approach in waste management. It offers insight into the origin of the wastage of raw materials thus enabling better raw materials performances.