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Chain management and raw materials management

The scope of this is broader than only their own work processes and comprises the entire raw materials chain. Therefore, cooperation with chain partners is essential for an effective approach. In this process, Milgro assumes the role of chain manager and driver of innovation.

The support offered by Milgro ranges from formulating a strategic vision for sustainable raw materials and chain management to developing, consulting and guiding the implementation of new chain structures. The ultimate goal is to get the highest value from the used raw materials, in the most sustainable manner and at the lowest cost.

In addition to the cooperation with various chain partners, Milgro can also rely on the Knowledge Platform for Sustainable Resource Management. This platform, founded by Milgro together with Delft University of Technology, introduces scientific knowledge into the chain. It also offers businesses and governments an open and constructive basis to sustainably manage raw materials together and to exchange knowledge on the matter.