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There are six key values in the organisation and culture of Milgro. Together they form the basis of our ‘DNA’.


It is our ambition to make a lasting contribution to a better world and growing prosperity for present and future generations. We do this by reducing wastage of raw materials and thus providing more return on resources.


Integrity is a set of values, norms and rules that defends integrity both within the organisation. This is reflected by a permanent sense of responsibility for one's own actions, for which one is accountable at any time.


Entrepreneurship from an independent, flexible position is key to us in order to be able to innovate and to live up to our mission


VInnovation is a constant for Milgro. Our innovations are created from a long-term vision and are fed from factual knowledge (data). Innovating together is faster. Therefore, our clients are not only business partners, but also partners in innovation.


We focus on the achievement of previously agreed, measurable performance. The basic principle thereby is that cooperation with Milgro is always based on a positive business case for the client.

Excellent operation

Continuous successful operation is only possible if we deliver quality and show our expertise in everything we do. This applies both to our clients and to cooperation with business partners.