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Milgro supports New Business Agenda 2019

Milgro supports New Business Agenda 2019

Monday, February 25, 2019

As a long-standing and active member of MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands), Milgro eagerly supports the New Business Agenda (Nieuwe Businessagenda 2019), as was officially presented by the sustainable corporate network at their New Year’s event. The document describes the current state of affairs in the Netherlands, noting a number of grand challenges, such as food waste and disappearing biodiversity. But above all, the agenda is an optimistic ‘road map’ towards a new, circular economy.

A circular view on resources

The New Business Agenda is divided into seven key issues. Key issue 7 (“Geef de grondstof door”), which describes a circular view on resource management, fits especially well into Milgro’s own vision and mission. As the technology partner for managing natural capital, Milgro provides the knowledge, methods and tools needed to facilitate and accelerate the transition towards a new economy.

But the Agenda is not limited to resources management. Other important issues, such as social responsibility as a business model and monetizing pollution and CO2-emissions are also discussed. You can download the full document here.