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Beyond the green bubble

Beyond the green bubble

Monday, January 28, 2019

At CSR Netherlands’ New Year’s Event 2019, themed ‘Beyond the green bubble’, Piet Briët (Milgro client Royal FloraHolland) and Christian de Vries (Milgro) showed how entrepreneurs can find their way towards the circular economy. Moving beyond empty phrases in their dual presentation, they focused on key terms such as insight, will, ability and action.

Concrete steps towards the circular economy

In order to reach a positive tipping point in the transition towards a new economy by 2025, Dutch entrepreneurs should take real action towards achieving their sustainable ambitions. During the event, sustainable corporate network CSR Netherlands presented its New Business Agenda 2019, which plots a concrete route towards a sustainable future.

Profitable sustainability

In a workshop session, Milgro and flower auction Royal FloraHolland demonstrated the advantages of combining profitability with sustainability. Without profitable sustainability, we often choose short term solutions. But only solutions that are sustainable in both the economic and ecological sense can be truly successful in the long term.

Milgro’s solution meets that dual requirement. Through Milgro’s digital resource accounting system, usage and wastage of resources become visible and manageable. Milgro helps customers move from ‘out of sight’ towards ‘insight’. This way, entrepreneurs can reduce wastage and save money.

The dual presentation was well received by a full house. Various entrepreneurs immediately recognised the advantages of Milgro’s pragmatic and result-oriented approach. If profitable sustainability can be achieved for a client as big as Royal FloraHolland, opportunities are everywhere!