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From overripe bananas to demolition waste

From overripe bananas to demolition waste

Thursday, January 17, 2019

As part of the Week of the Circular Economy, some 30 workshop participants last Tuesday asked themselves the question: how can I get more value from my company’s resources? From consumer waste to demolition waste; each participant ‘brought in’ their own waste stream. The workshop was facilitated by Erik Hoeksema and Michiel Hondema from Milgro’s innovation division Wastelab.

Since the participants had varying professional backgrounds – from producer to consultant to waste disposer – the workshop started with a quick introduction to waste separation and valuation. Where do waste and wastage originate? How do you determine which of your waste streams has the biggest potential for re-use? Which processing technologies are already out there? And how do you develop a successful business case?

Using the example of a banana importer who sends many tonnes of overripe bananas to a digester every week, Erik Hoeksema showed how Wastelab helps its partners to get more value from a waste stream.

After a short coffee break, the participants split up into small groups to work on their own example. Of course, the afternoon was far too short to discuss all the individual use cases, so a lively discussion was continued over drinks.

Are you looking for an innovative way to convert waste streams into a valuable resource? Don’t hesitate to contact Erik Hoeksema from Wastelab.