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Waste management Euromaster to next level

Waste management Euromaster to next level

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Euromaster Nederland, a network of service and sales locations for tire and car maintenance with national coverage, has granted the contract for its complete waste and resource management to Milgro. The optimization phase, which has already started, is aimed at better financial and sustainability results.


After a successful pilot in 2016, Euromaster has outsourced its complete waste management in all 92 locations to Milgro, starting January 2018.

The focus of the project was initially on gaining insight and making all waste streams transparent. Now that all waste streams are being registered and Euromaster has continuous and up-to-date insight into its streams, improvements can be made. The collection infrastructure is being optimized in order to further reduce waste disposal costs. Secondly, separation compliance is improved in order to facilitate re-use and high-value recycling.

Right partner for sustainability and profit

Gerry de Laet, HSEQ Manager at Euromaster Nederland: “We work to protect the environment and constantly aim to perform even better in social corporate responsibility and profitability. By professionalizing our waste management, we combine sustainability and cost reduction. Milgro has proven to be the right partner for this.”

Jaap van Stijn, Region Manager at Euromaster Nederland, is equally happy with the collaboration: “The project was a good one with a clear beginning and end. Milgro is obviously a player that has knowledge of and experience in the automotive market. Their approach, of helping us improve step by step, with attention for every single location, is starting to pay off. It is nice to see that collecting the waste streams separately is working better and better. Everybody pitches in.”

Insight adds value

Olivier de Wit, Consultant Resource Management at Milgro adds: “Now that all of Euromaster’s waste streams are being tracked through Milgro’s digital platform, Euromaster has continuous and up-to-date insight into the volume of waste streams at each location, region, as well as nation-wide.

“The reporting infrastructure adds value. In various Euromaster locations, employees are making more and more effort to achieve the goal of profitable sustainability. It is great to see that the entire organisation supports the sustainability policy. This way, we can achieve the best results together.”