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Milgro joins pioneer network Circle Economy

Milgro joins pioneer network Circle Economy

Friday, January 5, 2018

Milgro has recently become a member of Circle Economy. This leading cooperative, founded by Robert-Jan van Ogtrop, unites leaders and pioneers in order to speed up the transition towards a circular economy.

Both Circle Economy and Milgro see many risks in the way we currently produce, consume and dispose of products. But they also see great opportunities. The opportunity to conserve the value of resources which all too often gets lost, and to add value in a sustainable manner.

Circle Economy’s mission is to create a prosperous planet where everybody knows abundance, within the limits of our planet. In order to achieve this goal and speed up the transition, Circle Economy offers knowledge, tools and services that make a circular operation possible, such as scans, strategic advice and evaluation models.

A common drive

“The mission, ambition and culture of Circle Economy match ours completely,” says Ruud Hageman, Milgro’s CEO. “Based on our common drive and complementary activities, we can really support each other. In short: a natural partnership.”

“We recognize Circle Economy’s view that more and more people know about the ‘why’ of circularity, but ‘how’ to achieve it is still a big unknown. Using our specialist knowledge, tools and 25-year track record, we want to put things into practice and realise successful, internationally appealing business cases.”

“Getting started is the most important thing. We always work from our motto ‘earth & earn together’. The goal is to allow companies to achieve continuous high profits by operating in a more sustainable manner.”

Valued new member

Circle Economy is also happy to count Milgro among its new members.

CEO Harald Friedl: “We are very glad that Milgro has joined Circle Economy. As an innovative Dutch cleantech company with international ambitions and a track record in technical solutions for the circular economy, they are a motivated and experienced partner with an interesting network and a valued member of the Community.”