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Since cooperation can accelerate innovation, it is crucial in achieving our mission. To this end, we not only work together with our clients and business partners, but also with many other parties. These include:

Knowledge Platform for Sustainable Resource Management

To apply the latest scientific knowledge and understanding, and also to contribute to its development, Milgro, together with Delft University of Technology, is initiator and co-financier of the Knowledge Platform for Sustainable Resource Management.


MVO Netherlands

Milgro is an active partner of MVO Netherlands, which aims to turn our country into the global leader in the field of inclusive and circular economy. Our ambition is a 100% carbon neutral world with equal rights for everyone. To achieve this, MVO Netherlands brings together companies, research institutions and governments to work together on solving the social problems that stand in the way of this ideal world.

MVO Nederland

FoodPolicy NL

Milgro is a member of FoodPolicy NL, a network of progressive managers from the Dutch food sector, focusing on translating social developments into commercial opportunities. One of the focus areas is the production and distribution of more sustainable products..

Food Policy