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Mission and Vision

Milgro strives for a world in which the growth of prosperity can be achieved without compromising the prospects of future generations. Sustainable use of resources and a correct mass balance of the earth are the keys to achieve this. Milgro aims to contribute to this by obtaining more value from resources. Our mission is to achieve 'more return on resources' for our customers and the world in general. 

To achieve our mission, Milgro works from its own vision of growth and sustainability. The core of this vision is our different perspective on waste and raw materials. This is based on 5 principles:

  •  consider the chain, not just its individual links,
  •  act based on insight and transparency, rather than out of fear,
  •  see recycling as a means, not an end,
  •  focus prevention on reducing wastage, not on reducing waste
  • allow waste to be a deliberate choice within the chain, instead of a random outcome.

Looking at waste differently offers opportunities for a more efficient use of raw materials. Every day we translate our different view into concrete solutions for sustainable waste and resource management.