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Milgro developed from the dream of bringing the use of the earth’s raw materials into balance and making a contribution to sustainable prosperity.

In 1993, Milgro started as a consulting firm specialising in waste issues. The contracts were aimed at introducing innovative structures to improve waste separation in the workplace. This allowed Milgro to address the widely shared concerns about the environment and the growing interest in recycling, which was still a relatively new phenomenon in those years.

However, our customers increasingly asked us start to provide waste management in addition to the provision of advice. The main reason therefore was our independent position and professional approach. Since then, businesses are increasingly outsourcing their entire waste management to us on a longer term basis. This allowed us to acquire specialist knowledge within business sectors, governments and industry associations.

In the following years, sustainability has become an increasingly important endeavour. As a result of the global economic developments, the continued availability of raw materials is becoming increasingly uncertain. In this context, we have extended our scope even further. Many years of expertise in independent waste management switched our focus more and more on addressing wastage (business processes) and the sustainable use of raw materials (supply chain management).

Today, Milgro is a leading independent player in the field of waste and raw materials management within the context of the demand for a more circular economy. We work daily on reconciling the interests of Profit, Planet and People in a harmonious manner. Milgro positions itself as 'The Recircle Company'.